Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Aaaaand I'm off again.

Tomorrow I have an early flight to catch, have to leave home at 05:10. Gotta love this job sometimes. I got to stay home all of 2 days after the last stint I did, and now I'll be travelling around Finland for 2 weeks straight again. Shows with Mr. T, 2 days of school, one day at the studio laying down guitar tracks, more shows with Mr. T and then a few days of songwriting @ Lappajärvi. After that I get to go home for 2 days and then it's time to do a show with Timo again...

Ah, screw this, I'll have a drink, do some packing and try to catch at least few hours of sleep before I have to get going again. Take care fuckers.


  1. you are very organized, I never know what I have to do tomorrow... :3

    1. of course, he is a virgo guy, the most organized men on earth

  2. Damn! and I complain that I don't have enough time...Enjoy your trip! take care...Oh! BTW... will you come to Chile someday? I'd love to know that :D regards

  3. See you @El Gringo,Vaasa.

  4. Se hippihän raahaa sua ympäri Suomee. Ei sillä, oon ite raahautunu teidän keikoille ympäriinsä...

  5. I'm here just to say that I was laughing until now, because my girlfriend said u look like Hello Kitty

  6. hello jani! when Argentina? Bariloche? would be great to hear and see you live!! but for now I'll settle for videos and mp3! jejeje greetings!