Monday, July 28, 2014

Yes indeed:

"Live life with katkero in your beer - not bitterness in your heart"


  1. Miten oon missannut tän ;<

  2. Katkero - Gentiana (Gentiana lutea, extract of the roots is used in brewing)
    Gentiana alpina
    Beautifull flower, I am sure bitterness in the heart does not look like this :)
    According to the legend with the juice of the herb centaury (one of the members of the gentian family) centaur Chiron treated wounds, maybe heart wounds too. :)
    I was just wondering what is this "katkero":)

    1. Katkero means bitters. Bitters is used to help flavor beer.

    2. Thus, not only this bitter root of gentian but variety of herbs, spices and bitter liqueurs is meant.
      Thank you for info! I don't drink beer, don't really know about it, I rather hold bitterness in my heart as they say. :)

  3. Excellent beer, I tried this once! Maybe was called Punk-ale IPA, pale ale. Really nice.
    Good philosophy too! ;)

  4. I've another one to lend you:
    "Malt does more than Milton can / to justify God's way to men" :)