Sunday, May 25, 2014


Sorry for the hiatus, I actually got really sick, and it sucked ass. I'll give a more comprehensive update tomorrow. Now I'll just leave you with the fact that I think I beat the disease and this sounds awesome:

I realise this isn't really my scene, but damn I like the song and vocals on this. Maybe I'm still sick, or maybe this just is a really good song and performance.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


I would have some stuff to do this weekend, so of course I have to get sick. I feel like shit. Well, tomorrow me and my broken finger will join Mr.Railio & the boys @ Alavus, and on Saturday I'll have to be in Helsinki for the Rock Poker tournament. Being a bounty player I don't give myself very good odds at making it to the money, but I think this might be a fun endeavour nevertheless.

ESC once more

Fucking LOL :)

Sooooo.... What's up?

Well, been home for a few days now (for a change), on Monday I went jogging and yesterday I went to meet this hand-surgeon-specialist-whatnot to get a second opinion about my fucked up little piggy that cried wee wee wee all the way home. Damn, that guy scared the bejesus out of me...

He took a look at the x-rays taken during my initial visit at another hospital and said he thinks I will be needing a surgery. I think my heart skipped a beat there. He did still send me to get my finger x-rayed again and after seeing those pictures he was kinda "I'll be damned, the piece hasn't moved at all. You won't be needing surgery after all". Yeay for the small victories! I still have to wear the fucking splint for 5 weeks still, so just a small victory...

Today I went jogging again and now in the evening I watched Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage documentary, which was nice and entertaining. I've never been a huge Rush fan, actually I knew disturbingly little of them but rectified some of that now. I recommend you check it out if you have any interest in one of the grandfathers of progressive rock/metal, or interest in music in general. 

Now I'm not sure if I should go to sleep or stay awake and watch some hockey. Well, time will tell. I shall leave you with my favourite Rush song, party on people!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

ESC 2014

Watching the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Final now with my good friend Bombay Sapphire (no, she's not a stripper, or even a person), just saw the last performance. I'm rooting for either Norway or Austria, they are pretty much neck to neck. Until tonight I thought Austria was a tad bit better, but after tonight's performance I think Norway is at least as good. The delivery from the vocalist was pretty intense, not necessarily all the way in tune, but damn he had a lot of feeling. Sweden was also pretty good, and Armenia and Netherlands had some kind of charm to me.

Let's see what happens.


So, Austria won, Netherlands was second, Sweden third and if I recall correctly Armenia was fourth or fifth. Only Norway was left behind a bit. Rarely do I agree this much with the music consuming majority. Either I'm getting dumber or they're getting wiser. Might be both :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

OMG and all that jazz...

I'm not an expert when it comes to the physics and maintenance of our beloved axes, even if I know a little bit, but these are just insane:

What's the going price of common sense these days?

I think it's tragic...

...that in this day and age something like this is still considered newsworthy. Straight, gay, who cares? As long as the music rocks who cares what he/she does with his/her penis/vagina.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Maybe I should get this...

Can you metal?

Still at Lappajärvi, today we've continued working on new songs, I sang some harmonies and just finished the last edits to one new song, we have no 2 new ones demoed during this session, and goddamn fuck man do they kick some serious ass, at least IMO :) Happy camper, despite of the finger :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

So, here's the deal

As some of you might already know, a little over a week ago I broke my finger. The bone in my left pinky is fractured and I have to wear a splint for 2 months. I still have 3 usable fingers left in my left hand so I will be doing the Railio shows (I did one with the broken finger already, that was actually the thing I said I'd try to pull off that I had never done before), but unfortunately I will not be able to perform with Timo in the next 2 months. When you are the only one playing on the stage you pretty much need all your fingers. So, a bit of a hiatus for me, but shit happens.

In other, better news: I'm here @ Lappajärvi with Mr.T and tonight we've recorded demo vocals for 2 new songs, and the songs sound pretty damn good :)

Friday, May 2, 2014

New Stratovarius video

As some of you alreasy pointed out in the comments of my previous post, Stratovarius has released a new video, "If The Story Is Over". I think it's pretty damn cool and one of their better videos. Mariano truly did a kick-ass job, cheers mate!