Friday, June 28, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Business as usual

Today I've finished the first one of the lyrics I've been working on, as well as talked with the producer and the director/writer of the TV-thingy and finished the first version of the song they asked for. Gonna polish it up and make an alternate version when I get back home on Saturday. Been also discussing another project and still found the time to go jogging. I rule supreme :)

Tomorrow I'll head to Helsinki and on Thursday we'll head to Turku with the Railio band. We shall take the Viking Grace across the pond, playing a show during the night. In the morning we'll hit the airport and fly back to Finland and drive to Himos to play the Iskelmäfestivaali. I wonder, who the fuck came up with the logistics for this one, and at what point did this seem like a good idea??? On Saturday I'll hopefully make it back home and continue working on the lyrics and the TV-stuff. Busy fucking beaver.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer days in drunken haze...

...turning into lyrics craze.  <- Rhymes, has to be true. Been taking it easy for a few days, tomorrow I'll have to discuss with the producer of the tv show, and during the week I also have to finish up lyrics for three songs, as well as do 2 shows with the Railio gang. Well played...

Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Midsummer to everyone

Drink, fuck and worship Satan. Just whatever you do, don't end up a part of the statistics.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

And so it happens again...

... my almost-two-week-vacation turned into a few days off. Forgot I had promised to record some guitar for a tv show, and suddenly the guys are in a hurry so I have to do it during the weekend. Today I also was told that not only do we have a show with Railio on 28th, but 27th as well. Oh well, shit happens. I guess I'll grab a beer and start working on the arrangement for the tv-thingy....

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beer & Friends

And by "Friends" I mean the TV show "Friends", I don't have any real friends... And that is not true, as you probably know :) Today I've gone shopping, bought some new clothes, even some jogging gear that I of course then had to go and try out immediately. Looked like a fucking Sporty Spice :) I hadn't been running in two weeks, as I've been veeeery busy, and also had that flu/allergy/whatever-thingy. All things considering the run tonight went very well, didn't feel bad at all :)

I also bought some normal clothes, noticed that my waistline has gotten smaller, had to buy pants smaller than before :) Also ordered some a bit "flashier" clothes from the magical world of the Internets yesterday, as one needs some new threads for the upcoming shows + other crap. Feeling actually kinda ladylike writing about this shit. Maybe I'll turn this piece of shit into a fashion blog, I hear some people make good money being shallow and using their non-existent literary talent trying to sound intelligent while pushing useless shit on people too dumb to notice that they're getting fucked... "Karen here is sporting sequin shorts, a baseball cap, a pair of rubber boots as mittens, a garden hose scarf and a very large pineapple deep in her rectum, look at her go, that's FIERCE!"

And no, I'm not depressed or even on a bad mood, I just tend to get carried away sometimes :)

This just in case you're still wondering what to wear tomorrow.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Some pics from the show

Can be found at Antti Railio Official Fanpage. Didn't take any myself, and I am not gonna bother hunting any down from the net :) Now I can actually stay home until 28th, and I can honestly say that I need that time off, although I do have some stuff I actually need to do, but it can all be done from within the comfort of my home. I don't mind being a tad overworked (it's better than having nothing to do at all), it's the travel that's killing me.

Now I'll make some coffee, lift my feet up and refuse to do anything of importance before tomorrow.

Your Village Idiot, signing off.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The first show with Railio...

... was shitloads of fun, enjoyed playing electric again. Sorry I don't have any pics from the show, but let these two with two "kukkakeppi" (the two thin/normal weight guys in the band) pics show you how it went :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Guitar maintenance...

... is pretty boring. But today I did check the strap locks, chance the strings and check the intonation (which by the way always sucks ass...). Also got my hair coloured and did some laundry, so I'm all set for tomorrow when I'll take the stage for the first time with Antti & The Boys. So if you happen to find yourself in Jyväskylä tomorrow feel free to come and witness a rock n' roll show :)

@ home for a change

Made it back home alive, ate, watched some TV, sent the Sydänpuu single to Chartmakers for mastering, finished up the liner notes for the single. I think I'm done for the day :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

On my way HOME :)

Finally, been running around Finland for few weeks, tired as fuck, but at least I'm on my way. Of course I get to stay there only 2 days, as I on Saturday ( not Friday, as someone so brilliantly pointed out on the comments of my previous post) I have to head to Jyväskylä to play my first show with Mr.Railio and the band.

We had two rehearsals, yesterday and the day before that, and it sounded pretty ok to me. Of course it's still pretty rough, as we haven't played together before, but it's a good start.

Now I'll try and rest, later today I still have to work on the Sydänpuu mastering and other stuff, but I think I've deserved a fee hours of shuteye now...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back in Kemi...

...but not for long. The Sauna Open Air gig with Timo was really nice. We were kinda nervous, as we hadn't played together in 3 months, but everything went better than expected. Not perfect, but good enough :) Stayed in Tampere for the Saturday day as well, went to meet some friends and then to see a few bands that played the festival. Wasn't really that interested, but I saw some of the Children of Bodom and Opeth shows. Took a night train back to Kemi and arrived here early Sunday morning.

Yesterday was really nice, I did my best Bob the Builder-impression and tore down a fence surrounding the terrace at my sister's backyard (at her request, it wasn't vandalism), went to get her a TV from the Portimo-residence (yes, that one), talked a bit with Tommy which was a lot of fun. Later in the evening we had a barbeque with some friends, just a few drinks and a sauna and then to sleep.

Today I went to school again and on top of that I have had to try and make some arrangements regarding a number of things, the most urgent being that instead of going to school I'll be heading back to south tomorrow, but I don't get to go home just yet, no way. Tomorrow I'll travel to Seinäjoki to have my first rehearsal with the Railio-band, whatever it is actually called :) So I'm guessing it's pretty safe to say I will be joining the guys on stage in Jyväskylä on Friday, so if you feel like seeing some funky shit, now's your chance :)

Well, I guess now I should head to bed, as I have a very early wake up, once again. But I'll survive. Maybe.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Play it like you mean it

It was great playing with Timo again after three months. Really nice show, some damage :)

On my way to Tampere

Sitting in a train, been working on some of my school assignments as there is really nothing else to do here, don't even feel like going to the restaurant car to have a beer (well, maybe later:) ).  Besides, I have to get the assignments done at some point anyway, so might as well do it now when there is no distractions whatsoever.

I'm really not feeling it today, maybe this just isn't my day. Maybe the gig rules, maybe it gets better tonight, but right now I'm mainly bored.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

It sounds pretty good :)

The mixing is now pretty much done. We'll listen to it for a few days now and see if something should be improved, but I don't think so :) After that we'll book the mastering, and then this tiny piece of pop culture as we know it is ready for the public :)

Risto & Ahti hard at work yesterday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Still snotty...

Still feeling like shit, but maybe -just maybe- a little better than yesterday. Tomorrow we will head for the Tico Tico Studio to mix the Sydänpuu-single, and one might even use the word "Finally" here. We know it's been loooong overdue, but hey, what can I say? I'm a lazy little fuck and I know it :)

I also agreed with the Railio-guys today that I will skip the first of the shows, the one that would take place now on Saturday. There is just no reasonable way to pull this off, as I have the whole week so damn fully booked, and to top it off I'm sick (or allergic, doesn't really make a lickin' fuckin' difference, as I still feel like shit), and I would still have to make it back to Kemi on Sunday to drag my awesome ass back to school on Monday.

But now I'll get back to being snotty and disgusting. Btw, I remember reading from somewhere that your body can produce up to 1 - 1.5 litres of mucus/phlegm/snot/whatever per day. That sounds pretty damn gross when you start to think about it. Or don't. I prefer not to.

One down...

The first day at the new school was fun, absolutely no problems there, but... I apparently now have quite the fucking flu, or a severe allergic reaction to pollen or whatnot. I can't breathe through my nose and my throat hurts like hell, as does the rest of my body... Great fucking timing again...

Oh well...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Greetings from Kemi

Arrived here yesterday. My sobriety took a severe hit though. I was planning to take it easy on Friday, but then Mr. Wuorinen called me up and said that he's coming to town and and we should go out and have a drink. We did, and had several drinks. It was again so awesome to jump into a train at 07:25 while hungover... Yesterday I went out in Kemi with my sister and Mr. Koskinen, feeling surprisingly ok considering the amount of alcohol consumed :) Now I think I'll take it easy until Wednesday, we are having a barbeque then :)

Tomorrow I'll start my studies at the conservatorium, should be interesting :)