Friday, July 26, 2013

Invest in gear, it'll make you happy

I went and bought myself a pair of Genelec monitors for my home setup, and damn do they sound good! Made me inspired to work on music all day, maybe now I can celebrate with a drink or five. The monitors were pretty expensive, but I've always wanted a pair of those (got small ones, as I have no need for speakers that can kill your neighbours and their dog) and now I have them. One day of listening to them and I can already say that it was money WELL spent!


  1. I like you ^^You look to me, maybe that's why I like to read your blog

  2. Hmm... Well, never heard of them before. Will surely check it out right away.

  3. Ne on sairaan hyvä ääniset omannu yhte ite jo tovin... Nauttii kun saa kunnella kunnolla niillä...