Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Update of sorts:

Yeah, I know you don't give a shit about my "funny" anecdotes or pictures, so here's something someone somewhere might actually be interested in: Today I've talked with Timo and Hurtsi, and it might actually be that we could get the next CO album recorded earlier than I initially thought. Also, the songwriting has been going pretty still, so everything is possible :)

On Saturday I'll play my first acoustic show with Timo in three months or so, waiting for that as well :)


  1. That's really good news!
    I'll be waiting for this album and maybe see you guys live somewhere sometime.

    Good luck going back on stage! I'm sure you'll be awsome (as always) :)

  2. Wow, awesome news!! :D
    Have fun with Timo on Saturday - bet you'll be glad to be back playing acoustic guitar :)

  3. Lord Jani, you finally heard our prayers.
    Best news since first CO album was released :)

    1. Exactly my thoughts haha

  4. well ... i did a nice comment ... it was lost between publish and refreshing operations ... that freaked me out a little bit

  5. yo.

    what are the chances for Where my Rainbows end see the light as full instrumental song ... you know what I mean, more guitars and bass and drums, wharever ... or was it meaning exclusively for Blackoustic?

  6. Awesome to see that things are going so well with CO. Well, in my opinion the funny stuff you post is the thing that makes your blog cool. I usually never read blogs. There are only 3-4 blogs out there (yours included) that I appreciate because they really stand out. The blog wouldn't be half as good if you wouldn't post personal opinions, stuffs about good days and bad ones, funny pics and things like that. These posts make you seem like a down-to-earth human being not just a glorious musician, you know :)

  7. Awesome to hear that! Btw, did u play in Iisalmi about 1-2 month ago with Timo?

  8. 5 F*cking years i've waited for the next CO album, that is really a AWESOME NEWS!!!

  9. With Mikko Harkin On keyboards I hope.