Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More of the same and something new

I've made it back home once again. Took a little trip around Finland, met some friends and had a show with Mr. Railio on Friday.

Two stooges on their way to Rauma.
On Saturday I attended a wedding, two friends of mine tied the know and got each other. We played 3 songs during the ceremony and later on the "wedding waltz" (which was not waltz) with Antti. It was very beautiful and I had a blast. Congrats to the happy couple once more, may you live in health and happiness forever after.

Yesterday I just took it easy, was asked to go boating with some of the Omnium Gatherum-guys, but unfortunately I was too tired after the weekend, would've probably been a blast. Today I've gone jogging and now I could see if I can actually write something. Tomorrow I plan to do pretty much the same thing and on Thursday it's time to hit the road again. Going to try something I've never done before, ought to be interesting :)

BTW, I just saw this, and I lol'd :)


  1. HIH, Whiter shade of pale :) Little bit of champagne and writings. Not too hot in outside now.

  2. At least you're not gonna play with broken finger, since you already did that :D

  3. You should be illegal, you know :D

  4. This picture is really cool.
    Good luck on your jogging and writings this week. :)
    I'll wait you hit the road and come to Brazil in a not so distant future! That will happen, right? (Say yes, please!)

  5. the vid :D
    good luck sir, and take care ;)