Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Here I am again...

I don't think you even need to guess where:

Looks like the Autumn is finally here. I don't really mind, in Finland we have, or at least used to have, these things called the four seasons. This fucking flu is driving me insane thought, it's now going on for 3 weeks+. I could do without already.

Last night we recorded some of Timo's vocals for this project we are both "featured" in. Now I should have some coffee, maybe smoke a cigarette and then do the final edits for those vocal tracks. Then I could record some CO demo vocals and later tonight I think we will continue with this other project. So, here we are, again...


  1. Nice pics,Jani.
    And good luck for you and Timo!

  2. I guess that flu is really annoying... I feel the same. But hey, can you still sing like that? :D Well then, congrats :D

  3. This little point of light on the second pic, It could be a phantom, cause restless souls of dead like to appear in this way on photos. You should search for the buried body in the area, maybe it needs a prayer to rest in peace. And then it will be grateful to you.. Joke:)

    1. Yes Jani, have you felt lately like someone is near or following you? maybe it's a spirit... not necessarily is dead... muahahaha...

  4. A new project? When is it planned to be released?