Friday, October 31, 2014

Rock the week

So, this has been a rocking week. The drums for the next Cain's Offering album are done and I have spent the whole week here at Lappajärvi with Timo and Jens, and we even managed to write two new songs. Not to mention had shitloads of fun doing that :) Actually the other one of the songs is so good it's a shame we didn't write it earlier so it could've been on the CO album. Well, if Strato doesn't use it you'll here it on the third Cain album that will hit the stores around 2021 :)

Tomorrow it's time to hit the road again to play the shows in Pori and Rauma. Still no rest for the wicked, but who cares when you're having this much fun doing what you do for work :)


  1. So, when you write these songs do you have Timo in mind or...?

    I've always kinda wondered ever since 13th Disciple. I thought it felt like Timo just happened to fit the roll. :P

    1. When I write for Cain or Strato of course I have Timo in mind, but it's very easy to write as we have pretty much the same range and even a bit similar sound, aside the fact that he sounds 1000x better :) But it is actually very natural for me nowadays to write something that Timo will sing, we've been working together for 5+ years now.

  2. but if the song is good, it can be a bonus track for the 2nd album!!!

  3. Wow, did not expect me that they are planning to take out a third album! would be great! continue forward with projects CO Jani :)

  4. Not too late to squeeze it in the CO album, work it out bitch.

  5. You could do some bonus tracks with your vocals^^ that would be really cool!

  6. Tell me Jani, when they rape all your good works from Ecliptica, does it feel like they're raping you too?