Friday, December 19, 2014

Last (recording) day of the year done

We managed to get 8 songs done. The aim was to get all the lead vocals done before Christmas, but physique and fatigue got in the way. We will come back to Lappajärvi in the beginning of January to finish up the leads and then it's pretty much up to me after that (and Jens, slightly :)

Tomorrow we'll head to Joensuu to play the second-to-last show of the year with Timo, and on Saturday it's the last one @ Kitee, which all of you non-Finnish people out there might know because of Nightwish :)

It's been a helluva ride and I'm glad it goes down in a positive note, as the stuff we have been working on here sounds pretty damn good to my ears. I'll have a drink and some sleep now, take care you wonderful little fucks :)


  1. Congratulations for everything you've achieved this year! Take care.

  2. Way to go Jani!
    New CO album = nice start for a new year ;)

  3. Heiii... Kuuntelin pitkän oppimäärän youtuben ystävällisellä avustuksella.. Ja hyvää "humppaahan" se oli ;) Kiitos ja anteeks ja harmi, että ne jatkot meni reisille. Jau.

  4. That sounds great! I'm really looking forward to the new album! Can't wait^^
    Have fun playing tonight in Kitee =)

  5. Have fun!
    Happy holidays (even if you do not celebrate them)!
    Take care, you wonderful dear Jani!

  6. no no nooo or yes Jani ? :(

  7. hahahha that is funny, as if yours lives will change if it's true or not

  8. Hahaha
    Come on Anonymous ! Forgot to ask, what kind of blood he has..
    This blog is hilarious..

    1. PLEASEEE.... I bet , would like you to know about that.

    2. mmm... To me or Maria?
      It's the same... married, single, widowed , divorced ... I do not want to rape .. well , maybe , if the opportunity presents.... lol

    3. Well, forget that, I was just curious, that question moved me, u.u
      I don' t know why that person asked that.

    4. u were that person

  9. Oh , do not be moved. There are more men on earth .. .. or at least attempts to men !

  10. ahaha you said more men ?? i dont know , i believe they are hidden :)
    it's ok . i am only his fan, yeah!
    with miles and miles away. :/

  11. With regard to men .. uff , it's complicated .. Or are married , or are idiots or gay ... haha
    I'm far too. I separated over 30 hours of finland (flight).. ;)

  12. You're right, idiots above all ... sad but true!
    But Someday , Someday
    It is my desire for Christmas. :')

  13. Ok ! May your Christmas wish become reality !
    Nice holidays for you , from Punta del Este !

  14. ohh Great !! likewise for you, Ine
    And I'll waiting for that :)
    Greetings !!