Monday, September 23, 2013

Kemi once and again and once more

Arrived last night. The show in Kerava was shitloads of fun. Wasn't really expecting that, but it's nice to have positive surprises every once in a while. We drove to Tampere after the show, I checked into the hotel around 04:30am, slept until 13:00 and at 15:00 I took the train to Kemi.

This morning I went to do a radio interview with one of the representatives from my school, talking about the studies and songwriting and stuff. After that it was 6 hours of studying and now I've been working on some home assignments. Tomorrow I have to be there again at 09:00, should really try and get some decent shuteye tonight, I've been sleeping way too little lately and am starting to feel it.

It also seems like the Autumn has finally arrived, it's been running late for a while now...

Autumn leaves, a pic I took during my "meditational walk"


  1. Koita levätä.Nähdään Espoossa ja Tampereella.

  2. Nice picture Jani. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight! Rest well.

  3. Hi! how are you? ...well...that pic is perfect! good luck with your assignments... try to distribute your times "wisely" in order to rest some more! :D

  4. voiko haastattelun kuulla jostain? :)

  5. You've been left on your own
    Like a rainbow in the dark

    - cool pic