Friday, September 6, 2013

Off to work

Time to hit the road, gonna be a looong week, but whatevs, I like what I do. Lets beer great!

BTW, I found a song that could, and probably should, be the theme song for this blog. The lyrics are a bit juvenile and "teen angst", aside from "I hate you - That's an understatement" , which is a great line :), but then again, this blog is juvenile and angsty as well, so it's only fitting. So here's a great sendoff to your weekend, sincerely from me to you:


  1. hahahaha thank you Jani, you're so cute...... Have a great weekend too xD

  2. Kuten myös reissuun lähdössä aamulla 05.00 kohti Yllästä loman viettoon.

  3. So sexy hahaha