Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Done for the day, tomorrow it's bye bye Kemi for now.

Done with the school for a month now, have to come back here around the middle of December. Today we continued the lyrics-stuff with Mr. Salo, very interesting stuff. After that I got back to my sister's place, went through the songs I'm supposed to record tomorrow, changed the strings and did some basic guitar maintenance. Now I think I'll just chill and early tomorrow I'll have to catch a train and drag my sweet ass and dwindling guitar talent to Kokkola to lay down some guitar tracks. Gonna be a long day again, but hey, most of them are nowadays.


  1. At least you work with what you love, and you are one of the best in that area.
    I just have a boring job so I can pay my stuffs. D=

  2. what do you study in school, Jani?

    1. To be honest, I never understood if he actually studies or teaches Oo