Friday, November 8, 2013

Those pesky DJ's

In other news, I have a hangover. Tell you more about it later.


  1. Okay, let me see...
    In my opinion, he isn't a artist, he just play other 'artists' songs and equalize they. But yeah, I have to admit, you can't get high without some good music, and if the person like eletronic stuffs, that will be it. So, after all, he is more like an 'guide'. He transform the people trip, and that is actually pretty cool.
    But in the part: “When I’ve achieved all my goals as a DJ, I’ll probably write a book that redefines literature, or do a science course and then build the first actual teleporter."
    I'd just laugh out loud.

    Also, well... you can't go drunk without a hangover. just get better soon! haha :)

  2. This guy is stupid. Armin van Buuren never said something like that and he is one of the best DJs at the moment.

    1. Because he's a chameleon, you know...
      You're right, Armin is the shit. FTW! And the Chemical Brothers, and Fatboy Slim, and The Prodigy, and I'd better stop XD

  3. Am I the only one around here who gets this is a joke article?

  4. No, you're not.

  5. After two days/evenings/nights of partying I was expecting a hangover, too. Too bad it didn't really come ;)

  6. Saw this, thought you'd appreciate it, what with the nature of your blog and all ;)

  7. Jani, I dont know if you' ve mentioned that already here, but you always say you are a student and have classes at thursday, I think.. But what do you study actually?