Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gear stuff

Yo bros and hoes, I know some of you tune in to this particular channel because I occasionally play guitar. Well, as the Antti Railio shows are about to start I decided I should update my gear a bit to accommodate the situation. So, I'll be getting some new gear hopefully already next week, I'll let you guitar geeks know what I think about the new stuff then. Stay tuned and in tune!


  1. Can't wait! :)
    PS what about your old Ibanezss? You still possess them or what?
    I'm curious especially about that DT200 black-n-red you had.. It was beautiful!!
    Please for the sake of ... guitar geek's gossip!! tell me!

  2. You got an opinion on the new Laney Ironhearts that are out? Tempted to find a Hughes & Kettner though.

  3. I'm eager to know about what you'll be getting! will stay tuned for sure.

  4. Do you play on Saturday, with mr.A