Sunday, March 2, 2014

Back at home Vol. something

Made back home, had a blast playing with Railio-band yesterday, our best show so far. Now it's few days at home and then I will head up north to play some acoustic rock with Mr.T.


  1. yes, have a good time at home and then enjoy the gigs with Mr. T. :-). Hmm....I´d really love to be at one of those gigs, but unfortunately I´m not from Finland.
    hyvää yötä!

  2. It is a pity that you will be away and can not take part in Rocking kittens&Rocking Cats. I thought, in Finland problem of homeless animals is completely solved, although certain charitable contributions in such areas are always needed. In our country, hundreds of thousands of dogs were killed, even those that have been sterilized by volunteers at their own expense. Unfortunately, the same thing happened time after time to the cats as well. Cruelty has a Human Heart...

    1. I am a new Antti's commercial agent.:)