Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The dynamic duo returns

On my way to Lappajärvi, a few days of rehearsing and writing ahead and then it's time for us to head up north to embark on our Lapland adventure. I even have some high quality literature with me:


  1. haha...not bad! I just had to google for the translation...maybe sometimes it´s better to read about that stuff instead of drinking too much ;-). I have to refrain from any alc now till friday because I have to take an antibiotikum at the moment....gggrrr...but on saturday I will have some cocktails with my friends :-).
    So have fun with the book and good luck for the rehearsals!

  2. Back to the cottage again? New month, new tour, enjoy slaving yourself (or just "have fun" if you're indeed enjoying it so much). :)

  3. Hey Jani, Happy International Women's Day!! ........like that's relevant, but since you even celebrated the Clitoris Awareness Day guess that doesn't matter, it's a holiday so, anything smart/offensive you wanna tell us? ^^

  4. Let's wait for the shits... I am imagining which "good things" he's gonna say this year ;)

    1. Yep, don't forget you're reading a book written by a woman ;)

  5. hi Jani, how was the return of dynamic duo? :)

  6. Hey, dynamic Duo! Some static people wait for news from you!
    We have already managed to spoil the karma with new sins (boring and unpleasant sins, unfortunately) hahaha and no updates still...
    Have fun there!