Wednesday, April 9, 2014

RIP The Ultimate Warrior.

Another one of my childhood heroes joins the choir invisible...

In other news, I've made it back home after yet another quite an extensive stint across Finland. Had nice times travelling, but it's good to be home. Been listening to some of the Arion mixes, and that shit is going to be epic! :)


  1. man, very sad news to hear, just saw the ultimate warrior on the hall of fame and on raw very sad indeed.

  2. Glad he got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame before his untimely death.

  3. The speech he gave on Monday Night Raw is incredibly eerie to listen to now. He talks about breathing your last breath, about your spirit living on after your passing, and more things which lead me to believe he knew his time was short. People also said he looked really weak and sweaty the whole Wrestlemania weekend. Condolences to his wife and two daughters.