Monday, April 14, 2014

This and that

So, we've reached 1000+ posts in this blog. Didn't bother to make any grand gesture, as it's been pretty hectic and I haven't had too much time to write. So...

I've tried to take it easy this past weekend, as my batteries have been running a bit low. Just some exercise and stuff. Yesterday I went for a 10km run and today I've gone to the gym. I actually thought of going for a run tonight as well, but my body is a bit sore, and I got something better to do:

Just got the mastered version of the Arion album. Fuck that album took forever to make, but  now it is finally done, ready, finished, mastered. My work here is done :) And, I have to say, it sounds pretty damn great. I think it will be released next month, so go fucking get it then :) Now I think I actually deserve a beer to celebrate this moment. Not too many though, as I am still planning to go jogging tomorrow :)

Next weekend it's time for me to join Mr. Railio's band again for shows in Savonlinna and Seinäjoki. Gonna be great to see the guys again, I was away doing shows with Timo for over a month. Love both those dudes to death, in a totally platonic non-gay-way :) Not that there is anything wrong about the gay-way, I just don't bend like that :)


  1. Glad to know the album is finally ready :) Cheers to that!
    Damn, I hope it can be purchased outside Finland and in various formats, since I couldn't get "Lost" because it is only available on the Finnish iTunes Store, so :/... Anyway, have fun :)

  2. Good news... I read that they'll play in Tuska... damn I'd be there.. anyway, I hope can to buy the album, when it comes out for sale! :)...

  3. Always overworked! :)
    I was wandering.. is there some pale and distant chance to see you and the others guys from Cain's Offering doing an occasional live show for some summer festival somewhere in Europe??

  4. I love how you feel doing a 10km run is taking it easy ;) Great news about the Arion album! Will def be getting that if it's available in the UK after release :) Have fun with Mr Railio's band and congrats on over a 1,000 blog posts - that's been quite the literary adventure!

  5. See you in Seinäjoki. Don't take too many lonkeros in Savonlinna :P

  6. Back just in time for 1000th post, hey Jani :) I haven't been here in ages, release of another SA album brought me here to see if You said anything about it or CO2 but I see there's nothing about it :) But You don't have to speak about it, I'm not a 14 years old SA fangirl to ask former members "WHATDOYOUTHINKABOUTTHEIRNEXTALBUM!?!" and so on.

    I hope to hear some music from You this year, so many bands that I like have evolved in those few last years and I wanna see what Your alcoholic mind, shaky fingers and shitty vocals can deliver :D

  7. Kudos on 1k posts Jani...glad to hear things are turning out fine, always great to hear news from you. Hope things keep going well (or better :p), xoxo etc.