Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Business as usual

Today I've finished the first one of the lyrics I've been working on, as well as talked with the producer and the director/writer of the TV-thingy and finished the first version of the song they asked for. Gonna polish it up and make an alternate version when I get back home on Saturday. Been also discussing another project and still found the time to go jogging. I rule supreme :)

Tomorrow I'll head to Helsinki and on Thursday we'll head to Turku with the Railio band. We shall take the Viking Grace across the pond, playing a show during the night. In the morning we'll hit the airport and fly back to Finland and drive to Himos to play the Iskelmäfestivaali. I wonder, who the fuck came up with the logistics for this one, and at what point did this seem like a good idea??? On Saturday I'll hopefully make it back home and continue working on the lyrics and the TV-stuff. Busy fucking beaver.


  1. You must be patient, but well, work is work, so go ahead! I hope everything's going well to you :)

  2. onshore, offshore, and in mid-air... yeah, that could be the life of lionised guitarist. Poor you...