Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Back in Kemi...

...but not for long. The Sauna Open Air gig with Timo was really nice. We were kinda nervous, as we hadn't played together in 3 months, but everything went better than expected. Not perfect, but good enough :) Stayed in Tampere for the Saturday day as well, went to meet some friends and then to see a few bands that played the festival. Wasn't really that interested, but I saw some of the Children of Bodom and Opeth shows. Took a night train back to Kemi and arrived here early Sunday morning.

Yesterday was really nice, I did my best Bob the Builder-impression and tore down a fence surrounding the terrace at my sister's backyard (at her request, it wasn't vandalism), went to get her a TV from the Portimo-residence (yes, that one), talked a bit with Tommy which was a lot of fun. Later in the evening we had a barbeque with some friends, just a few drinks and a sauna and then to sleep.

Today I went to school again and on top of that I have had to try and make some arrangements regarding a number of things, the most urgent being that instead of going to school I'll be heading back to south tomorrow, but I don't get to go home just yet, no way. Tomorrow I'll travel to Seinäjoki to have my first rehearsal with the Railio-band, whatever it is actually called :) So I'm guessing it's pretty safe to say I will be joining the guys on stage in Jyväskylä on Friday, so if you feel like seeing some funky shit, now's your chance :)

Well, I guess now I should head to bed, as I have a very early wake up, once again. But I'll survive. Maybe.


  1. Gee, I thought I had it rough the last two weeks in Loue. Then I've read your recent updates. Nope, I haven't been busy at all compared to you.
    Mikäs pahan tappais. Eiku... o.O

  2. Antil on kyllä se Jyväskylän keikka Sataman yössä vasta lauantaina, ei perjantaina. :)

  3. Busy enough!!
    Did you enjoy Opeth? They're my all time fav metal band, I've seen them last time one year ago bur didn't really got into Heritage stuff..

  4. Jani, i'm incredibly excited that you're playing guitar with these guys. The day I found out you were gone from Sonata was a hard one. Is there any way it will be recorded? Want to skype me in to the show? Haha.

    I'm really curious about the school you're going to. I assume you did the majority of the songwriting in Sonata musically, is this incorrect? Anyways, I'm expecting that you'll have a lot you'll want to do when you're done with the school and i'm excited to hear what you'll produce.

  5. Hey! Random Question xD Do your tattoos have any meaning? If they do, what do they mean to you? :D