Thursday, June 6, 2013

It sounds pretty good :)

The mixing is now pretty much done. We'll listen to it for a few days now and see if something should be improved, but I don't think so :) After that we'll book the mastering, and then this tiny piece of pop culture as we know it is ready for the public :)

Risto & Ahti hard at work yesterday


  1. Risto was clearly watching a porn... u_ù(xD)

  2. That sounds great!! Every time I get more excited to listen to the final result (ñ_ñ)

  3. So much work! I didn't expect this!

    1. Well, we're actually putting some effort into this one :)

  4. Wasn't familiar with your Sydanpuu work, recently discovered it, and it's so good, I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before, definitely deserves better promotion. I love it, although the lyrics are in Finnish, and I don't speak it, doesn't bother me at all, the songs are very melodic and catchy...can't wait to hear the new stuff!

  5. No one dares to say it, but the couch sure looks nice.