Monday, September 16, 2013

I'm back

Had a blast during our mini "Lapland-tour", all three shows were shitloads of fun. A Big thanks to all the people who attended, there were a lot of you, and a gigantic thanks to the phenomenal staff at Bar Ihku Levi, Amarillo Rovaniemi and Ramona Kemi. Slight sleep deprivation ensued, but hey, one can rest when one is dead... On Saturday we actually went first playing disc golf with Timo, and later picked up Risto and went playing actual golf.

Atop the Levitunturi

Pictures really don't do justice to how it looked

Can't go to Lapland without seeing some reindeers, obligatory pic.

In search of the perfect swing


  1. Good to know you had fun! :O Damn!! Your country is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing these pics. *____*

  2. Ramonas oli helkatinmoinen meno, kiitos mahtikeikasta \,,/

  3. The posh hobbies do not seem to have many support as it seems you are alone in the mini-golf. That's something. Is it popular, golf, in Suomi?


  4. Why doesn't MY country have reindeer? I want to see reindeer too!

  5. Glad to hear that those shows were a success!!! congratulations :).... and I wonder you found the perfect swing? :-P

    PS: Your country is so beautiful... someday I'll have my obligatory pic of reindeers :-P

  6. Why so low resolution pictures, man? I mean, those are about the size of a stamp.

  7. how many yards can you hit a ball and with what club.