Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday night's alright for fighting

...or maybe not. Not much into that. Might have a drink later tonight though, been surprisingly sober for surprisingly long. If I continue like this I might not get to go to hell when I eventually kick the bucket.

This has been quite a good week so far, I've gone to the gym twice and jogging twice, and now in an hour or so (it's 11:40 as I write this) I'll hit the gym for one last time this week. Tomorrow might be hangover-day and I hear it's not good for you to exercise while suffering the repercussions of last nights indulgences :)

Been also writing some new songs, I had again a while where I didn't write much, but now I'm back at it again and writing feels good. So, in conclusion, everything fine here :)

And BTW, while I have been going to the gym lately you little muppets needn't worry, I'm still way more like this:

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  1. Nice! Great to hear that Jani, and eager to hear new songs!