Sunday, October 13, 2013

Steve's got a point


  1. I take with me this phrase:

    We live in a McWorld that moves way too fast and now even the drugs suck. I mean when I was young and got high I never got naked foaming at the mouth and tried to eat someone’s face off.

    And yes, I had read a study about this a few days ago, it was called "Impacts of new technologies in the Music Industry". It's a shame what is happening

  2. Sadly, this is true... although I'm glad there are still a few artists who make me want to shut the whole world up and just listen to their music while reading their lyrics ahhh... such a special feeling :'>

    Thanks Jani and all those great musicians out there! <3

  3. What worries me the most is that musicians are not getting the income they deserve. But what can a regular person do to help? Obviously, aside from stopping downloading illegally. Record stores (yes, I still go to those places, shut up!) offer the mainstream stuff and sometimes they're limited only to that... Well, fuck.

    1. Someday I'll find a way to repay you Jani!!! haha