Monday, November 4, 2013

Gay, again

Damn, here I've been, warm for the female form, and all this time I've actually been gay. Praise fucking Allah this moron came around to tell me how things really are.


  1. Coming from an imam!

  2. #ImamsProblems ... well, world's pretty fuckd up.

    hey Jani! I hope you can reply to some answers in your FAQ, kiitos!

    Have a great fucking week

  3. This fucking imam is without a shadow of a doubt a religious extremist. Neither islam nor Allah have anything to do with this but thank God all muslims aren't bigots.
    PS: I'm a moderate muslim and I play guitar and I shit on the imam :)

    1. que mierda?.. o.O what dafuq is a moderate muslim? Muslim=shit :DDDDDD

  4. So all this time using my guitar to pick up girls I was just lying to myself... Thanks this man to show me the naked thuth!
    Well Jani, I will not play your songs anymore, sorry. xD

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