Friday, December 13, 2013

The Desolation Of Something That Isn't Quite Lord Of The Rings Even If It Wanted To...

Yeah, I did go see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug yesterday. What did I think? Well, it was ok, even good. Lord of the Rings it ain't... It's pretty damn long with a running time of 2h40min or so, which causes the first part of the film to drag quite a bit. It looks really good, but I saw it in 3D and at some point I got really tired of butterflies and whatnot flying towards me all the time...

*SPOILERS, maybe, who the fuck cares*

I did have my issues with some parts of the actual story. For instance, these mofo-dwarves make this long-ass journey to this big-ass mountain, search for the keyhole for FIVE FUCKING MINUTES and then go "Well, fuck it, that's it"? That's some true dedication right there brother... And then there is this dwarf guy meeting this elvish lady for what, 2 times for grand total of again 5 minutes or so, going "Do you think she could've loved me?"... Come on! No way do you get that attached in that amount of time. There's suspension of belief and then there is just lazy writing... And I do know this elvish lady isn't in the actual book but was shoed in by Mr. Jackson and Co., so no need to point that out. Besides, I actually had nothing against this new character (Tauriel, I guess was her name), before that god awful scene. Sure, her motivations were thin and vague at best, but so are the ones of the others most of the time...

And of course, Evangeline Lilly is hot.


  1. I saw Desolation of Smaug on Wednesday too, think it was quite nice. It felt like Tauriel didn't really belong to the movie, since she wasn't even in the book of course :p Coming to see you and Mr. T tonight at Kustaa III, hoping to see your hot pants there too ;) Really looking forward to see you again, I was at Tampere-talo in September (it was really awesome there, hope tonight's gig will be as fun!)

  2. Hey Janii, How's goind man??
    It's nice to talk to you...i'm brazilian and i miss to see you playing your fantastic music.
    Come, hope you lauch some good ealier as possible

  3. Hiya, thanks for a nice gig! And your pants were amazing, would've been nice to talk to you after the gig :)

    And thanks for playing My Selene twice ;)

  4. If I remember correctly from the book, they left to let Bilbo do the thinking. Considering, when he found it, they should have been way lower and visible in the stairs, so they were actually just around the corner.