Thursday, March 8, 2012


...I shall meet Petri, a wonderful human being and a guitarist for Altaria. I think it might end up being a drinking night, as Swallow The Sun is playing in Nosturi, and their drummer Kai, also a wonderful human being, asked if I'd come to see the show. Have to be careful though, as we have a show with Timo on saturday. As if I'd ever...



  1. I didn´t knew this blogg of yours, and, really, that has given me a joy to find it.
    I appreciate it, and read everything you put in the future, a big hug.

  2. Hi man!I'm glad to read you again.
    Are you insinuating that you can't make mess for two days in a row?
    I'm not sure that you are aged up to this point. ;)
    Stay tuned!

  3. Well, I read all your post, today I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful blog done for you, god jani. I read everything in an hour or two ... That makes me think that maybe I didn't have much to do at that time, but it was great, it's awesome read all your life and your complaints here, after all is what we all think, only because no one writes ... do not know, because everybody suck and you do not.

    Thanks for all your magic words (?

  4. Thanks for your support guys :)

    BTW, I'm insinuating that I can make mess for two MONTHS in a row, but I shouldn't maybe do that while working :)

  5. You do what you fucking want to. Isnt that life?