Thursday, March 1, 2012


Yo yo yo, wazzup my niggas?

Oh fuck, I said the N-word, I guess I'm screwed now... Lucky for me I don't give a rats ass, so on with the show:

You guys and gays might've noticed that I haven't been posting quite as often as I used to. The reason is not that I don't love you anymore, because I never did, the reason is that I've been quite busy staring at the screen showing Logic and all kinds of funny plugins and different colored squares and shit, for around 12h+ each day. In other words, writing some new music.

Been working with Timo now for a couple of days here in lappajärvi, and we've written some pretty cool stuff that actually sounds fresh to my ears, not the same crap I've always done. Hopefully you guys get to hear it at some point. Songwriting can be pretty damn awesome sometimes.

I don't really have any news to share with you at the moment, so I guess I'll wrap this up by saying that I haven't forgotten you. I'll get back to my jallukola now and try to catch some shuteye after that. Tomorrow is another day of notes and chords and riffs and melodies. Still they beckon me, my one true love that will always be by my side.

Yeah, that was so fucking poetic I actually puked a bit in my mouth. Tastes like jallukola...


  1. Sounds amazing, hopefully you guys play some of this in Cain's Offering.

    Would absolutely love for another album, considering it's easily one of my favorite albums of all time. :)

    Keep on rocking Jaani!

  2. It's time to another new Album of Cain's Offering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)