Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's me again

Hi folksies, it's me again.


"Jesus is coming soon"
(As in "arriving", not "ejaculating")

And here is our beloved Jesus, setting up Pro Tools

This morning I woke up pretty well rested, had some breakfast and then played some online poker while Timo was dropping our little Jesus to the train station. After that we went jogging for 6km, I just had a shower and now I will have some lunch. After that it's time to start actually working and laying down the guitar tracks, as everything is now set. Let's see how this goes.


  1. I've got it! It's not an acoustic album. It will be second full-length of Cain's Offering!
    + Pictures... We don't see the acoustic guitar. We see the PCs, electric guitars, keys and soft.
    + Matias... Jani can play alone
    + "Melody oil..." ;-)

  2. Sorry to disappoint, not the case :) We use this room for other recordings as well, hence the extra equipment. I was changing strings on the acoustic, so it's not on the pic. Matias brought the mikes and set everything up, being the studio wizard he is :)

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  4. I think Jesus is late and already missing a lot of the apocalyptical fun...