Saturday, April 28, 2012

So, yesterday was fucked...

More technical difficulties, which resulted in me only recording one song yesterday. Got pissed and after that got hammered. Now I have a slight hangover and should start recording again. Oh joy...


  1. Ooookaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Just found it now... I mean this IS Jani... THAT Jani, the guy with a guitar! I'm here mostly to say "Hello Jani" and to tell you I respect your decision in not talk about the past stuff... You are a pretty good musician for me and wanted you to know I also like your voice... Greetings from the distant land of Brazil :)
    Keep on rocking \m/

  2. if it were easy, would not have the taste of victory

    ja muistakaa: Olet täysin kykeneviä ja uskon sinuun

  3. Rise and shine, rockstar. There are worse jobs out there.

  4. arriba el animo... las grandes obras maestras toman tiempo...