Monday, April 23, 2012


The Eagles Of Melodic Metal have landed to the woods. Tonight we do some arranging and load our personal batteries, tomorrow Matias Kupiainen comes to hook up the gear and do some soundcheck with us, then it's time to start laying down the guitar tracks. Now I think I should have a beer and a sauna.


  1. You got a fucking sauna at home? 0_o

  2. You got a fucking sauna at home? 0_o

  3. What will he do? I mean, what is his participation?
    By the way, I've always wondered... What if I murder him for you to enter Stratrovarius? Would you have a chance?

  4. He will drink all our beer and puke into my bed:)

    Nah, he will be our sound engineer so to speak, put up the mikes and check the sounds and such. Please don't kill him, he's a great guy :)

  5. Oh, ok. I was curious. Thanks ^^

    (if you insist I won't kill him but cut one of his hands off)