Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Change of plans folks

I said I'd make a post about guitar playing, but the thing is that the post is turning out waaay too long to post as a part of this blog, so I'll just make a new tab for it, as I did the "FAQ" earlier today. That way the people who don't give a flying fuck about playing guitar don't have to read through all that rambling. I also won't post the whole thing as one long post, but rather start small and then build on that, as I've been working on this now for a bit and noticed that it's quite a lot of work and very difficult to keep coherent. I'll post something tonight or today, stay tuned fucks!


  1. Yeah completely agree. Not a problem for me. Im tuned 27 hours per day. Many thanks Jani =).

  2. you did great job here today ! thanks !!

  3. Looking good man! Excited to see the results :-)