Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh joy...

It's early, way too early for me... We have the promo shoot today, and I slept maybe 2h last night, awesome. Will look like the living dead, I don't think there's enough photoshopping in the world to save me on this one. Well, at least one doesn't have to worry about the pictures turning out too fancy...


  1. at least you're not burning in a living hell, like i am because of living in a place where you can cook an egg on a car shell, so forget your moral hangover and enjoy the photoshooting proud of your scars of war

  2. Yay, promo shoot! Don't worry Jani, I believe that with your handsomeness those pictures will turn out well no matter how little amount of sleep you've had :)

  3. Dont worry, living deads are cute :p

  4. Where is the photoshoot being held to? hopefully its in the snow to make the album Extra Finnish :P

    1. it's summer in Finland now, no snow :P