Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Quote of the day:

"I wish I could see things from your point of view, 
unfortunately I can't stick my head that far up my ass."


  1. Haha where you get these quotes from J-li they always make me laugh, and btw nice job on the blog design yet i still want that ibanez streetwise guitar.
    Have you gotten around to remembering the
    Altaria - enemy guitar solo i would love to see some tabs of it and yes i do check regulary.
    Btw ever thought of having blue hair ^_^
    Also you play mass effect 3 a new expansion is out on the 28th of august
    Kiitos aikaa :)

  2. *ouch!*

    Whoaaa..! Someone reformed the house..! ;)

  3. wow, you did the blog so nice !!

  4. Dear Jani, you can always try. Few exercises and who knows...
    You're not so tall at all :>

  5. Hey Jani, I wanted to ask You something: Do you remember if Marko Paasikoski ever did a bass solo? I recently watched new Strato live dvd and Lauri Porra had some amazing bass solo there and it got me thinking about Marko. From Sonata's live shows I only remember one part of Kingdom for a Heart live from Tokyo 2005 , but not a typical solo.

    1. Not when I was in the band, but a lot can change in 7 years or so... :)