Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Saw a few movies recently:

The Dictator:

It was actually surprisingly funny, if somewhat uneven. Not as good as Borat was, but still well worth watching once, if only for the few hilarious pieces of dialogue.

American Reunion:

Not a big fan of the series to begin with, and the beginning of this movie got me already thinking that it's gonna be a looong night. Actually it wasn't. The movie picked up at some point. Granted, it's still stupid as hell, but I was somewhat entertained. If you need to pass the time and have nothing better to do, this is one way of wasting around 1h50min of your life.

And finally...

The Dark Knight Rises:

Oookey... Sorry to say this, but this one was kind of a disappointment for me. It's totally decent movie, if somewhat long and weirdly paced at times. I think I might've had my hopes a bit too high after seeing the first two "new" Batman movies. BTW, considering that this is a Batman movie, he is actually not in it that much. Could've been called "Bruce Wayne Rises"... Also, I think the soundtrack by Mr.Zimmer himself was kinda underwhelming, expected more from him. Not a single memorable tune there...

This definitely was not a bad movie, don't mean to totally trash it, it just wasn't great. I think I just had my hopes too high...


  1. About dictator, I'm with you in Borat's thing. Isn't that good. Has some nice dialogues and parts that makes you laugh, but isn't a movie that I would buy.

  2. Not entered a murderer In the function of the movie of Batman?

    Hahahaha! Better the i see in home xD!

    Greetings :)