Monday, November 26, 2012

Another weekend left behind.

And it was a good one. Played two shows, had shitloads of fun, met some nice people, and even got some presents. I guess I haven't been that naughty this year after all :)

On Wednesday I'll head back to Tampere to rehearse with the guys for the show in Kuopio. And as I apparently thought that having two days off before that would've been way too good of an idea I agreed tonight to write lyrics for one song...

"Hi, are you busy this week?"
"Yes, pretty much. Why?"
"Could you write lyrics for this one song?"
"Yeah, sure..."

They need the lyrics on Friday, I'll be busy from Wednesday on, so basically I have tomorrow and Tuesday to write that stuff. Well, if I don't get anything on paper (or in this case on screen) tomorrow I'll just go and buy a bottle of whiskey and get hammered on Tuesday. It worked the three last times I had to write lyrics, so I'm pretty sure it'll work now as well. But I'll try to be adventurous first and see if I can write anything worth a damn without the liquid inspiration. Hopefully it'll work out :)


  1. The gig at Hämeenlinna was awesome!!! Thanks!!! You guys rocked hard!!!!!! And it was great that you could play those two gigs, this "family"-member and others were very touched! And You can easily write those lyrics, don't worry. Xoxo

  2. I found some whisky related poetry to help You with those lyrics :D

    My water’s luminosity…
    whisky and sage.
    We breed to feed other fishies,
    but I’m on stage.
    Performing for some human’s selfish garrison.
    This disregard is quite humane in comparison.

  3. Yes, thank you very many!! We had so much fun in Hlinna.