Thursday, November 1, 2012


Anyone else find it funny that the new Kamelot singer looks and sounds VERY much like Roy Khan? Don't get me wrong, Karevik is a very good singer (liked him already in Seventh Wonder, though that band isn't really my thing) and probably a perfect fit, and "Sacrimony" is an ok song as well, I just had to double-check myself if Roy had returned... :)


FWIW, I always thought Khan was better with Conception, which was at one point one of my favorite bands. Actually, when Kamelot opened up for SA in Paris back in the day I went to their dressing room  and got all my Conception albums signed by Mr.Khan, which was pretty funny :) He is one of 3 people I've ever asked for autograph, the other 2 being D.C. Cooper and Bruce Dickinson. Such a fucking fanboy :)

I couldn't decide if I should include "Roll the Fire", which was the first track I ever heard from them (and an awesome song, especially those big intervals in the chorus that blew my mind back in the day) or "Gethsemane", which is one of my favorite songs, so I'll include them both. Fuck it :)

Roll the Fire



  1. They are very similar but, in my opinion, Roy has more charisma than Karevik in the shows. Change a singer must be complicated but they are ok with him.

  2. Kamelot didn't want to change their very-marked style, that's why I think they are very similar (and its obvious I think), BUT can never replace such a great voice

  3. D.C. Cooper? Hehe, I remember, in 1998 or so Timo was telling - blablabla, D.C. is a young singer jne

  4. Jani, did you heard the new cd of Wintersun, time I? It's amazing.

    1. Yeah, I did, and to be honest, I didn't like it.

    2. Pity, I think it's pretty damn epic. Also saw them live on Sunday, best gig I've ever seen.

      Stratovarius won't play in Poland on their next tour D; Tell Mr. T I'm very dissapointed ;_;

  5. I love Bruce's solo albums, especially CW and Skunkworks.
    Nowadays he became an aircraft businessman:
    and business lecturer. I don't know who writes all those economical lectures for him but it's a piece of shit.