Thursday, November 8, 2012

Top of the morning to ya laddies

Yeah, didn't sleep too well for some reason. Tonight we play this private happening-thingy with Mr.T. Really not feeling it, but when am I ever feeling any show when I wake up in the morning... I have this chronic tendency of complaining always the night before the show/tour and in the morning when I have to leave that it's gonna suck and I don't want to do it and all that jazz. Don't really know why, since by now I already know that when I actually get to it it's gonna be totally fine (few exceptions aside). Maybe I'm just a pathetic whiner who has to complain about everything. Like now complaining about the fact that I complain... :)

Well, tomorrow and Saturday are again normal shows, ought to be fun and stuff.


  1. Complaining is fun and free :) it´s a way to let off steam. Have fun at your shows.

  2. And the rest of the day to you :>

    You're a big boy, you're good enough to handle it :)

  3. "Maybe I'm just a pathetic whiner who has to complain about everything" .... everybody has some hobby :))

  4. So I'm guessing you're just not really looking forward to all the fools he will pity?