Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Funniest shit ever

Went to a bar to drink, this drunkard who's so wated he wouldn't even know his name comes to me and says:"You know how you look like? You are too nice" Usually people think I'm an asshole, maybe I should just socialize with drunks:)


  1. Maybe I'm drunk all the time cause I always think you are too nice. How cute, I bet you both drank all the beers hehe cheers Jani!

  2. People think too much, and we too think too much of anyone else's thinking. Who cares!!
    Btw I always thought you look great, maybe a little too much pale for my southern standards, but still great! ;)
    Have a good day!

    1. Oh I think his pale skin is very sexy and exotic. I live in South America and w all are dark skinned so is kinda boring to hve a really tanned skin. Pale skin FTW! :)

  3. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha.....

  4. Who was drunk? You or the other guy? :P

  5. Well, drunk words are sober thoughts. ;)

  6. and are you sure you understood him good ?

  7. "Well, maybe your fans can all get drunk so you can socialize with them? I'm already working on it right now:)"
    Haha, that is we all can do. No talent required. Could be fun.