Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The new Stratovarius album

At first I thought I wouldn't comment on this before it comes out, but as there is NO harm I can do by just commenting on it -especially considering what I have to say about it- and everyone probably knows that I've heard it already so I'll share some thoughts. What do I think about it:

I think it's the best album they've done since "Infinite", maybe even better than that. Hard to say really, but it is REALLY good. Someone asked about my favorite tracks from the album, I've had a chance to listen to it through a few times now and my favorite tracks -in no particular order- are "Nemesis", "If The Story Is Over" and "Halcyon Days".

Why am I writing this? No, I'm not bragging because I got to hear it before everyone else, it's because it really is a great album and I hope, no, I command you all to go and buy it when it comes out. Really, in my opinion, it is that good.

Now I'll get back to my drinking, it's great to have some time off :)


No, this is not a paid advertisement :)


  1. The preview sounded pretty nice. The key melody adds a nice ambient sounding touch. Different, but in a good way. Can´t wait to hear more of it.

  2. Jani, thank you! So great to hear what you think about it since you are one of the brightest stars (the other's Mr. T) in the sky of music. I'm so excited about the album! The next year's gonna beat them all (if the world still exists ;))!

  3. Your playing and Strato pretty much molded my guitar style. Can't wait for the new album!

  4. You can not command me anything but I'm going to buy it anyway :)

  5. I will obey and buy that piece. Can I command Timo to visit Poland with a Strato gig?