Tuesday, December 18, 2012


In all seriousness, I don't use that crap myself, but if you do you might want to give this a read here. I've always spoken for intellectual property (for obvious reasons), and if I used Instagram I'd probably find the change in their policy more than little disturbing.


  1. Jesus Crapping Christ, soon the entire Internetz will be a facebook private property. And why is suddenly CIA asking me abou[THIS USER WAS BANNED AND HAD SERIOUS ACCIDENT IRL, IGNORE THIS MESSAGE AND GO BACK TO YOUR BUSINESS]

  2. I'll quote Max from 2 broke girls:
    "Instagram it's twitter for people who can't read"

    I guess this will be the end of instagram... I hope at least a huge percent of people stop using it after reading this.

    Anyways, I never used instagram and I don't have facebook account... so I couldn't care less :P