Monday, December 17, 2012


So, apparently Mass Effect, a science fiction RPG set in the far far future where you are trying to save the galaxy and every living thing from a total annihilation and extermination by the Reapers, is somehow responsible for the school shooting in the US of A.  That's really funny, because I've been playing those extensively for a week now, and also spent weeks on them before, and I've never had any urge to grab a gun and go shoot some school kids. Only in America, fucking retards...


  1. Oh my God,no words...they always find the worst links between those kind of crime and video games.

  2. Obviously, Rock and videogames.

    BTW, I finished ME1... I didn't like so much.

  3. No surprise, really... when tragedies happen, people just have to find a scapegoat in something else.

    BTW... "satan has control of your minds"? Did she sniff some kind of drugs before writing that?

  4. Well, I never played that videogame and I feel like I want to shoot people everyday, specially after reading those shitty comments... :P

  5. Oh that's great!: first music, now videogames... What will be next, water? How awesome!

    Also, how fucking convenient! always finding something else to put blame on, forgetting the real problem: PEOPLE, sick, heartless, cruel, fucked up and stupid people full of hatred, thanks. Faith in humanity: GONE :/

    1. "sick, heartless, cruel, fucked up and stupid people full of hatred"- hmm, hey, I'm not included! I'm not stupid :D

      But srsly now- we don't have an urge to kill children with guns because we have no guns personally(it's hard to get one of these legally and who actually needs a gun so badly that he risks by getting it illegally?). It's amazing that Americunts don't get it, instead blaming video games, music, alcohol, lego bricks, toilet paper and ice capades (shout out to George Carlin)

  6. idiots live all around not only in america. take a look in the mirror man :)

  7. Mass effect is my favorite game series,jani do not forget their american their all fucked up and dont know what their on about.
    Maybe if the game was about being a terrorist but its not and shepard is a a good guy and a great hero ffs trying to prevent danger and the end of life.
    Jani remember the norwegian guy last year that killed people? they blamed that on world of warcraft lol.
    Seems these days if there is a killing they will blame it on a computer sad

  8. madness not discriminate if you are American, European, Asian..

  9. I blame no one other than the media for every single drop of bullshit that's stemming from this tragedy. They turned a no life that would die wanking in the basement, into an immortal man being talked about for ages. You can give me the shooter's name, but you can't give me a single one of the victim's. Root of the problem right there.