Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another week endured

Hello you homo-Hitlers! Yours Truly has made it back home after a weekend of entertaining people and morons alike with our "music" and "standup", which is kinda tragic :) I had fun though, and also got to meet a few friends I hadn't seen in a while, which was great. Went to eat in a restaurant with the guys on Saturday, I ordered some pasta and water, but suddenly there was also wine and weird drinks. Go figure...

Girly but refreshing drinks, and a girly but refreshing man

Pre-show entertainment, one has to kill time somehow. BTW, I won :)

Cheers, you stupid little cunt! Also behold my shirt, it has a penguin. A fucking PENGUIN.


  1. Cheers back to You, fatass! Also I'm taller than You, so I'm a stupid tall cunt :D

    Awesome tshirt, but no match for my Drunky-Monkey hipster longsleeve :D

    Enjoying some whisky now, another one goes to You ;)

  2. Whose is that bottle of water?? What happened?? Is the flu or something more serious? Gooood night!

    1. I'm almost sure that's Mr. T

  3. Great to see you're alright and girling around. Take care, fagboss :D (BTW, your shirt is awesome)

  4. Girls, im leaving now...

  5. "but suddenly.." (*.<) oh my god...! :D
    Beware, I heard polar bears love to eat penguins..!

  6. I'd say you look adorable, though you'd probably hate that, so shall say the shirt is adorable... and the guy wearing is rather easy on the eyes also :)