Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Finally got Miroslav Philharmonik up and running, now I only have issues with the damn drum plug-in. Maybe I'll have myself one victory drink and then try to blatantly rip off Hans Zimmer for the millionth time :)


Btw, while downloading crap from their website I noticed that Miroslav is now on sale with 60% off, if any of you want to get this software and sample library for very cheap, now would be the time. You can find it from http://www.ikmultimedia.com/


  1. I'm curious to hear what you can compose for an orchestra, man :)
    For the drums : Have you tried EZdrummer? I think those samples may sound really good.

  2. Do you use Amplitube as well? I'm not a big fan of amp modeling in general, but it's pretty decent.

    Care to share any of your favorite presets or settings from logic, superior drummer or Miroslav? I was a little surprised to learn that I use the exact same software you do.