Friday, February 15, 2013

Thursday night delight

Well, I've installed Logic Pro and some plugins, how's that for a Valentine fuckers? Apparently updating the OSX has caused some issues with Superior Drummer and I have to update that one as well to get it working properly, and also the new OSX doesn't support PPC (or whatever they're called) programs anymore, so Miroslav Philharmonik is having some installation issues as well. I knew it would be a gargantuan task to get everything up and running again, but damn...

I'm also thinking about buying a new computer, a 27' iMac would be really nice for composing and recording. Unfortunately they are also pretty damn expensive as well, but it would be an investment for the future and better, easier songwriting, so...

Tomorrow I'll head to Helsinki again, playing some shows with Mr.T on Friday and Saturday. Ought to be fun. Now I'll get back to fighting with the updates and shit, thankfully I bought some wine today...


  1. Enjoy Your wine, I drink whisky tonight ^^

    Say hello to Mr.T from Your bloggers, I know You never do that :P I had a dream yesterday that I had a dinner with Mr. T :D Nothing homo, just pure gentlemen talk xD

  2. Your night sounds really funny :D... enjoy your wine!

  3. Thats why I hate re-installing the OS.