Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let's Tampere

Yesterday we played our first "concert", and it was surprisingly ok. Tonight it's Tampere-talo. Early show and shitloads of friends coming, lets see how this will end. Judging by the guys attending I'd say we'll get hammered after the show :)


  1. Have fun Jani! ^-^ By the way, when is the music video coming out? Someone posted it on Tumbrl or something but it said it couldn't be played in my country and I couldn't find it anywhere else

    1. There are hacks to those country limitations. Search for those first, then try it again.

  2. Could you write the setlist, pleassss :)

  3. yeah, we want to see the set list at least to imagine the concert :p

  4. Which guys are you talking about that will hammer you?

  5. Sounds good!
    Hope that someday I'll be able to see you play live again!

  6. Just curious to know, what was the set list?

    1. jep I want to know also, what was the set list... so JANI can you tell us and did you have other musicians to play with you ??? Because it was the concert...

  7. set list!!! set list!! set list!!
    Greetings from Chile...

  8. In Espoo it was like this (Maybe little different in Tre?). Correct?

    * I Surrender
    * Sleep Well
    * Black Diamond
    * Shot in the Dark
    * Livin' on a Prayer
    * Speed of Light
    * Coming Home
    * Out in the Fields
    * Perfect Strangers
    * If the Story is Over
    * Unbreakable
    * My Selene
    * Holy Diver
    * Rainbow Eyes
    * Love Ain't No Stranger
    * Alone
    * I Want It All
    * The Trooper
    - encore-
    * Behind Blue Eyes
    * Karjalan Kunnailla
    * Hunting High and Low

  9. I think very different, because in Tampere were 2 parts, first for ballads and second part for rock...

  10. Sorry, I can't remember all the songs we played. In addition to the songs mentioned above we did at least "Forever", "Coming Home" and "The Beauty Has Come" @ Tampere.

  11. and which were the songs that hadn't never played before?

  12. could you play "The Beauty Has Come" at On the Rocks??? Pleaseeeeeeeee :)

  13. Oh man, I was in Tampere this august traveling, and I saw in a kind of concert hall "iimatainen", running in a led-pannel. Checked the date of the event and holy fuck... Anyway, I had to take a flight to home the day next to that so I couldn't go. I had the hope to see you both in a show in my staying in Finland, but I think I'll have to go again

  14. Never before were Holy Diver and Alone by Heart :) Let's see what we got in Rock's.