Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jani's songwriting workshop, part 2 : Solos

Also known as Jani's essay on guitar solos:

99.9% of them are completely useless waste of time, no one cares. So, don't do them. Just write a good song instead.


  1. And most of the remaining 0.1% was already recorded by you anyway... that "Sing in Silence" solo, I mean, shit, that's pretty much the reason you're my favourite guitarist of all time. I don't even know why. It's just an amazing solo!

    But at the same time I do get your point. A lot of solos just feel like showing off and end up just being a big fail, so it definitely is better to write a great song. If it has a great solo as well, though, that's all to the good...

  2. I'm late but... What the hell! Your black sheep solo is fucking awesome. And the Tallulah one is just too much. It sounds as if the guitar was crying. Best solo ever.

  3. fuck my eardrums with yoru sexy solo'sApril 3, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    and don't forget every cain's offering solo! you should of just made a song called solo as a bonus track and fuck are eardrums away!

  4. You know I understand where you are coming from Jani, but honestly I think you are really selling yourself short. Some of the solo's -(Black Sheep comes to mind)- that have decorated your career are nothing short of masterpieces in the minds of many - and genuinely inspiring to serious guitar players.

    Yes, it's true - guitar solo's can be whored around to the point they become cheap commodities. But used well, they are the cherry on the cake.

  5. very late, but i would say, my favorite solo ever would the one from Last Drop Falls, nowadays, i don't hear the song very often, instead, just the solo.