Friday, June 8, 2012

Damn this has been a tiring day

But also very productive. 12h of studio work and even found the time to go jogging. We've gotten quite a lot done today which is a good thing considering that we are struggling to meet our deadlines already. Some really cool shit found its way on tape (well, hard disk, but anyway...), today Timo sang the cool cover song I mentioned a while ago, and damn I am psyched about that, gonna be great. At least in my opinion, and that's the only one that matters anyway :)

Tomorrow, or actually today, as it is 02:50, we drive to southern Finland to play two shows and then on sunday we head back here to continue (and hopefully finish) the recordings. I guess I should get some sleep now so I can rock like fuck/a hurricane/whatnot tomorrow.

Over and out of the window.


  1. May God bless you all and wish everything goes well at the shows

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope everything works out just fine!

  3. I guess the deadline is 12.7, correct? ;)

  4. I guess its really tiring to go 12h in studio but still it must be honor and fun to play with MR.T and the guys,still nice to hear something nice happens.Hope you rock like a hurricane :D