Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Funny... sometimes when you smoke the first cigarette of the day it goes into your head. I feel like I'm stoned... Well, back to the old drawing board :)


  1. I was just wandering, what happend with your Ibanez Destroyer? Because I saw a video of Toni with it on SA's facebook page.

    1. the studio sold one for a 1000 euros to a Finnish guy and he needed money and sold it to Elias. That´s the 7, don´t know what happened to the 6 stringer. @Jani, I know the feeling xD it feels so relaxing

  2. Hello. Do you have a gallery with your pictures (at least the ones in the Sonata webpage)? I want to make a poster with this picture , but I'd love to have the original file, which is bigger for sure (that would allow me to make a bigger poster). The thing is that the guy who took the picture doesn't want to look for it.

    Do I have any chance?